As chiropodists and podiatrists, we are always asked for our top tips when it comes to looking after feet. Here we have included a few for you to try.
Go on……give your feet a treat!

Use a Moisturiser Regularly

It doesn’t have to be a really expensive moisturiser, but the best results are usually seen with creams that include products such as Vitamin E and Urea. The key is applying it little and often. It will not stop your hard skin altogether but should stop the build up irritating you as quickly.

Use a Pumice Stone

Use a pumice stone or rough emery board to maintain soft feet temporarily after a chiropody treatment. Although it is wise to avoid using a pumice stone on verrucaes as this could spread them.

Cut Your Nails Straight Across.

Avoid the temptation to cut down the sides. If you are experiencing pain, see a chiropodist for advice. The reason we advise not cutting down the side is as well as risking making the problem worse, you can introduce infection to the sides of your nail. All our instruments are sterile so if it is really necessary to cut down the sides, this is a much safer way of rectifying the problem.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

It’s not that heels are always a no-no but just ensure that the toe box is deep enough to wiggle your toes and that they are not pinching at the edges of your feet. Ideally, soft flat lace up shoes are the best as then when the feet swell over the course of a day, the laces can be slackened to accommodate the expansion in the foot.

See a chiropodist regularly for general maintenance and straight away should you have any concerns over your foot or leg health.