General Chiropody Treatments

£36 for 30 min appointment

Starting with a relaxing footbath, this treatment removes all hard skin and corns and trims and files all nails. The Podiatrist will provide any relevant foot health advice and discuss any concerns you may have regarding the health of your feet and legs. The treatment is completed with an application of moisturiser to your feet – making the treatment relaxing as well as functional. You will feel like you are walking on air afterwards…..

Please note, if you require treatment of your nails, could you please remove nail polish prior to appointment so we can spend more valuable time treating your feet.

Nail Cutting

£20 for 15 min appointment

Are your nails awkward to cut? Problems getting down to cut your nails? Let us cut and file your nails to keep them comfortable. Advice regarding cutting techniques also given to prevent problem nails.

Foot Health Check

£25 for 15 min appointments

Do you have a problem with your feet and are unsure as to what it is and how best to treat it? Advice only appointment on verrucae, athletes foot, fungal nails, cracked heels, dry skin, foot pain, knee pain….anything that you are concerned about regarding your foot health. All available treatment options will be explained by the Podiatrist, taking account of your medical history.

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Emergency Appointment

£40 for 20 min appointment

If you are suffering from just one particular problem whether it be an ingrowing toenail, a corn, glass stuck in your foot or a damaged nail, the Podiatrist will take care of your particular problem quickly and efficiently and ensure that your feet feel comfortable again. Advice will be given regarding the long term prevention of problem, illustrated with leaflets where appropriate. Appointments available on the day.Cost includes dressings and follow up treatments up to 2 weeks.

Nail Surgery for Ingrowing Toenails

One toe both sides £200
Two toes both sides £300

Nail surgery is fast, effective, permanent relief from ingrowing toenails. The procedure begins with a medical history check to ensure suitability for the surgery along with an assessment of the nails that are ingrowing.

The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic. Once the toe is numb, a tourniquet is applied to the toe to ensure restricted blood flow to the area just for the duration of the surgery. This means it is a very clean procedure with very little blood. The nail is then loosened at the appropriate sides and then cut down the length of the nail. The sides of the ingrowing toenails are then removed. Effort is made to retain as much of the nail as possible to achieve a good cosmetic result on healing. A chemical called phenol is then applied to the sides of the nail that have been removed. It is this chemical that kills the nail bed and stops the same bit of nail re-growing. Once the chemical has been applied for the appropriate length of time, the tourniquet is removed and normal blood flow is restored to the area, which is then dressed. You will be given lots of advice pre–surgically to enable optimum healing post-surgery.

The procedure does not last long and patients are advised to bring a book or MP3 player to distract them throughout if necessary. The patient always lies flat during surgery so will not see the surgery being carried out.

Patients are not discharged until the site has completely healed. All post surgical dressing appointments are included in the cost and the clinic will supply all dressings to the patient throughout.

Biomechanical Assessments

£80 (hour appointment)

An in-depth assessment of lower limb biomechanics. If you are suffering from knee pain, hip pain, foot pain or have been diagnosed with a specific injury then this assessment may help. The Podiatrist will assess your lower limb and gait in relation to your complaint as many lower limb problems are caused due to the way that we walk.

The assessment takes about an hour and it is advisable to bring a pair of shorts to the assessment to enable a clear view of your gait. We also have a treadmill in the clinic, enabling us to view your running style should you be a keen athlete.

At the end of the assessment the Podiatrist will discuss the findings of the assessment related to your injury. A treatment plan will be formed in conjunction with the patient and advice given regarding treatment and prevention.

Treatment often comprises the use of orthotic insoles and will be prescribed based upon the individual needs of the patient and their presenting complaint.

To discuss these options further, it may be advisable to book in for a foot health check first and then should you take up the assessment, the charge of the foot health check will be waived.

Optional to download a patient questionnaire as forms are available at the clinic. download form HERE

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