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C2 Feet Philosophy...

C2 Feet Chiropody and Podiatry clinic provides treatment of foot and leg conditions in accordance with the degrees held by all of the Podiatry team. The podiatry degree is a 3 year full time course dedicated to assessment and treatment of the lower limb.

At C2 Feet, we believe in providing a treatment plan specifically formulated in conjunction with each patient, which takes account of their medical history and need. The treatments are carried out in a smart, fresh, modern clinic in the heart of Manchester City Centre by friendly, professional podiatrists. As well as providing on-site treatment, we also advise patients of useful ways to help their feet and legs between appointments – therefore taking a preventative approach to foot care.

C2 Feet believes in treating the patient as a whole and to that end we have links with various other city centre based health practitioner to whom we refer patients where necessary. Our aim is to provide a professional service and ensure patient satisfaction. You can also follow us on facebook


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C2 Feet supports the Lymphoma Association

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